Publication Date: 
Saturday, January 4, 2014
Oscar DeHaven screwed up his life.
Luckily, he’s rich enough to try again. With the services of the mysterious, utopian Forever Foundation, he is reborn a century later with a new body, a new identity—Jake.

A lifetime before, Kate never expected love to live up to her fantasies. But there’s something about Harry’s ice-blue eyes that draw her in, even as she begins to see the darker shades of his true colours. 

The Foundation is elitist and exacting; mistakes cannot be borne. From its cold grasp Milly rescues Faith, a baby who shouldn’t exist, and sets out to redress the Foundation’s legacy of suffering and sadness. 

Everything seems perfect—except for the nightmares that wake both Faith and Jake, pursued through their dreams by a faceless evil. And there is something lurking inside of Harry, too, gathering like storm clouds, with consequences too far reaching for anyone to predict. As six lives entwine in a web spun over decades, secrets are uncovered that invoke a timeless, troubling question: Are we defined by nature or nurture? 

And who says you only live once?