The Uncovering

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Print version available March 25, 2014
When elves cross into Tabitha Bennett’s world, they make love, sex, and her unbidden chastity more baffling than ever. The Light Elves seek their lost queen, but Tab Bennett, bank teller and heir to the throne of Inbetween, doesn’t know anything about the magic that’s descending on her ordinary life.

At the start of this fantastical romance, Tabitha Bennett is a young woman who has her life all figured out; she’s got a steady job at the local bank, a darkly handsome fiancé she’s known since childhood, and her own cottage on the edge of the family estate. Then she starts to have chillingly graphic visions of her sisters’ deaths.

Someone is picking off members of the Bennett household one by one, and Tab is next. In order to survive, she must come to terms with her true heritage. Tab is actually an Elvish princess, heir to the throne of the Inbetween, the realm of the Light Elves, and the product of the Dark King’s rape of the Queen of the Light. These sordid origins do nothing to convince the Elven Court that she’s the woman for the job, and they have everything to do with the plot to kill her.

Her fiancé Robbin is soon usurped by a gorgeous stranger named Alexander, to whom she’s been betrothed since her birth. The magic that binds them is strong and sensual. He guides her in her journey of self-discovery, helping to awaken the Elven gifts that ultimately keep her alive in the final battle with the agents of the Dark. She is betrayed by both her close childhood friend and by the Elven warrior who captains the Light army, but she survives by virtue of her fiery tenacity.

The Uncovering, first in a trilogy, is a fast-paced adventure, full of sensuality, suspense and surprise.

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