Aesop's Secret

Publication Date: 
Sunday, September 30, 2012
Print version published May 2013
Everyone is different, so in a sense we’re all similar... At least that is what Melinda and Felix Hutton thought until changes started to unravel their world.

Aesop’s Secret tells the story of Melinda Hutton, aged ten, who enjoys a dreamy world where she imagines transforming into animals. She has a twelve year old brother, Felix, who scoffs when their mother explains that to transform is normal. She explains that their ancestry is often disguised in stories and fables, but it isn’t until their father demonstrates this talent that they begin to understand that their ancestry is anything but mythical...

Aesop’s Secret will capture the imagination of children and adults alike in this beautifully written novel interlacing the magic and mythology of ancient cultures and civilizations with modern day childhood.

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