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Claire Rayner
The sequel to "London Lodgings".
Claire Rayner
Tilly Quentin's decision to turn 17 Brompton Grove into lodgings is a brave one.
Claire Rayner
Claire Rayner's new book is the fifth featuring George Barnabas, the female Head of Pathology at the Old East Hospital.
Claire Rayner
The gossipmongers at London's Royal Eastern Hospital are working overtime. Three deaths in as many days among the staff?
Douglas Wilmer takes the reader inside the actor’s dressing room.
The 'Book of Tao' is without a doubt one of the most mysterious books ever written. In the Far East it is considered to be the foundation of the Tao philosophy.
More than simply a book, 'The Book of Dharma' is a treasure map, a compilation of some of the finest Buddhist writings, from Buddha himself and many of his greatest successors.
Boris the bad Russian discovers life with Mayla his prostitiute girlfriend, his unfulfilled revenge leads him to new heights of evil and he creates three dirty bombs and plays havoc on the the French people whilst sunbathing in Algeria.
The three men continue their lives, a new bad man appears, out for revenge, he starts menacing the French President and kidnaps one of our heroes.
Three men; Kevin a bank trader, Del an architect and Andy a restaurant owner, all forty years old.