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Enthralling, atmospheric and suspenseful, 'Stray Dog Winter' is at once an unconventional Cold War thriller and an original, unforgettable love story set in 1980s Moscow.
A series of contemporary fairy tales populated by wolves, witches, snakes, and an entirely new breed of heroine.
To play the 'Game of Tongues', you must first understand the caste system.
On a snowy February morning, London art dealer Rachel Tenison goes for a jog through a dark and deserted Holland Park.
Fifty-five million years ago, a sudden burst of lightning frightened a herd of small prehistoric horses. In the ensuing panic, one of the horses, a five-year-old mare no bigger than a fox terrier, fell into a lake and drowned.
Racial tensions and the plight of immigrant life in 1970s England create the backdrop for the story of a soccer player s act of violence that will haunt his son for years to come.
Have you ever loved someone who’s mortally wounded you?
John Anselm is a struggling intelligence dealer whose business is information, Con Niemand is a mercenary whose business is surviving, and Caroline Wishart is an expose journalist whose business, until now, has been the sex lives of British politicians.
It is estimated that an alarming four out of five married couples experience infidelity.
Every year in Jerusalem the 'miracle' of the Holy Fire-shrine, the spontaneous ignition of lamps inside the shrine containing Christ's tomb.