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Suspecting that something is amiss with their father’s burial, teenager Kenneth Tyler and his sister Corrie venture to his gravesite and make a horrific discovery: their father, a whiskey bootlegger, was not actually buried in the casket they bought for him. Worse, they learn that the undertaker, Fenton Breece, has been grotesquely manipulating the dead.
In the tradition of The Hours and The Master, The Jungle Law offers a glimpse into the life of Rudyard Kipling and explores the deep divisions and connections between two families who change the course of each other's lives as theyface the explosive power of the imagination.
Gabriel Black is sentenced to prison for a murder he did not commit.
A turn-of-the-century love story about a millionaire pornographer and a spiritualist medium.
Izzy’s eccentric, complicated mother committed suicide on her forty-first birthday.
Moby Dick for the blog generation.
John Vincent Dolan is a talented young forger with a proclivity for mathematics and drug addiction.
After nearly fifteen years in a childless marriage, Michael Brace and his beautiful wife, Suzanne, live separate lives under the same roof.
Cecil Durgin, a twelve-year-old African-American orphan, witnesses the perverse buildup to a brutal murder at an exclusive hunting camp in 1958.
From their experience in theater, Tanya Taylor and Pamela Thompson know the power of dramatic monologues.