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Following his celebrated debut, 'Horace Afoot', Frederick Reuss returns with another endearing hero — a six-year-old Gnostic with a photographic memory.
For generations they have known how to deal, when to fold, and how not to get backed into corners.
Tom Freshour needs a vacation.
We are a nation of consumers.
Uncompromising, often dark, and always insightful, 'Dying Light' explores the mysteries of duty, forgiveness, power, and love through a broad range of narrative voices.
Brother Eli is a mountain of a man, bald of his free will, in the thrall of a gargantuan appetite.
When retired reporter Will Hobbs learns his son Buck is being sent on assignment to Africa, he is concerned.
A dangerous criminal, with a face like porcelain, has invaded Katherine Dennison's perfect floating world and is now telling her that she doesn't seem to know how things go.
A smart, sexy debut about a young woman coming to terms with a life she hadn’t planned.
A debut novel about a young girl at the center of the secret world of professional mourners, where women are trained extensively and paid handsomely to attend the funerals of strangers.