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In a literary voice that is both original and powerfully unsettling, William Gay tells the story of Nathan Winer, a young and headstrong Tennessee carpenter who lost his father years ago to a human evil that is greater and closer at hand than any the boy can imagine - until he learns of it first-hand.
Barry Munday is a thirty-three-year-old man of singular purpose — and that purpose is trying to bed women.
An impressive overview of a writer whose career is still climbing, 'Worship of the Common Heart' allows us a rare opportunity to observe twenty years in the evolution of a writer of uncommon talent and heart.
As the nation readies to enter WWII, Tink Buchanan has one concern: his personal battle to regain the land, and home, that are his birthright.
Rich in metaphor, written in spare but powerful prose.
After her father's death, Sister Mary Thomas leaves her convent to reclaim the family farm in the Irish village of Kildawree.
While his parents shop for reconciliation in European furniture stores, 13-year-old Fish Becker is sent to spend the summer with Miles and Ariana Lambert.
When Kate Banner, an American midwife in Nicaragua, loses another patient — a young Nicaraguan woman who had given birth only the night before on the bottom of a swamped wooden boat – she knows it is time to go home.
A wealthy, erudite, middle-aged loner in search of anonymity settles in the aptly named midwestern town of Oblivion and is swiftly drawn into the town's persistent local mysteries in this idiosyncratic, rather beguiling debut novel.
After seeing Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers play in March of 1948, thirty-year-old Jesse Norwood saw the enthusiasm of the black community as more than just excitement for the sport.