Current eBook Titles

Available for the first time in three separate volumes, 'To the Edge of the World' is a seafaring adventure in the tradition of Patrick O’Brian, chartering the lives of Captain Robert FitzRoy and Charles Darwin, their friendship, and the historical voyage that ultimately drove them apart.
Reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm’s darkly magical tales, 'The Perpetual Ending' tells an enchanting story about devoted sisters and their world of opposites, doppelgangers and ghosts.
A lovesick and awkward young woman, haunted by the ocean that her father disappeared into years before, convinces herself she is a mermaid to escape her dreary, small town life and find her true identity.
The story of the mill people of Jacksonville, Alabama.
In this affecting and brave novel, the mother of three adopted Korean children tries to help them discover their birth parents.
Spanning five generations in a small village in southern Italy, Laurent Gaude's novel is laced with infamous crimes, forsaken loves, and lifelong secrets.
'The Great Inland Sea' is a novel about a boy who escapes the scorched landscape of his youth and returns as an adult to nurse his ailing father, discovering the secrets buried there.
Following the release of his first novel, 'A Life Without Consequences', Stephen Elliott returns with his second book, 'What It Means to Love You', the story of Anthony, Brooke, and Lance, three Chicago sex workers whose lives are interlinked as they travel the underworld that is Halstead Street.
Will Jameson has a temperament of iron, standing up to men twice his age when he takes over the Jameson lumber company after his father's death.
Robert Hooke stood out as an inventive, versatile, and prolific scientist and architect in an age of brilliant minds.