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Douglas Stewart
Ever wanted to get revenge against a casino? Bet you have!
Douglas Stewart
Free-wheeling London detective Todd "Ratso" Holtom is on the front-line against a ruthless international gang that imports drugs into the UK and Europe.
Douglas Stewart
Terror at Sea brings to real life all the terror of an attack by pirates armed with rocket-launchers and automatic machine-guns.
Jeffrey B. Burton
Special Agent Drew Cady has waved goodbye to Washington, D.C., and ten years of chasing violent felons in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal Investigative Division (CID).
Bruce Rehburg
It is the fall of 1963, and the discovery of a young girl's mutilated body in a ditch on the outskirts of Geistburg, Germany, forces disgraced homicide detective Steve Bodowski, now a member of the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Division, to reawaken old instincts in order to solve the horrific crime.
Tony Broadbent
Cockney cat burglar and jewel thief Jethro is as smart as he is streetwise, but even he has to be a bit nimble to prosper in the austerity-ridden, black-market–riddled world of postwar England.
Tony Broadbent
It’s austerity-ridden, black-market riddled, postwar England and MI5 has pushed Cockney cat burglar and jewel thief Jethro out onto the rooftops of London again in defense of The Realm.
Prepare to have your perceptions WARPED!
When the body of seventeen-year-old Sheila Barnes is found on Lloyd Cotton’s dairy farm in 1941, nearly all the citizens of the quiet town of Zebulon, Mississippi, feel the effects of her murder.
Who gives the flowers their shape and color?