Current Titles

Montefiore's Goddaughter by Elizabeth Brooks
Elizabeth Brooks
Abigail Crabtree, desperate to save her imaginary realm from a sinister invasion, turns to her intensely beguiling and mysterious godfather, Mr. Montefiore.
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Sonny Brewer
Some of the South's most inspiring and successful authors discuss the jobs they held before, as William Gay says, they "clocked in at the Culture Factory."
Jack O'Halloran
Two sons, born into different worlds but guided by the hands of their fathers, find themselves racing toward history, two trains speeding down the same dangerous track.
Growing Up Dead in Texas
Stephen Graham Jones
An investigation of the places we're from, and the places we still live when we close our eyes, Growing Up Dead in Texas explores small-town life, family, and what it really means to go home.
The Smoke by Tony Broadbent
Tony Broadbent
In post-World War II London, a cat burglar, blackmailed by MI5, sets out to trap a notorious thief and spy