Current Titles

American Decameron by Mark Dunn
Mark Dunn
One hundred years in one hundred stories, American Decameron defines the 20th century.
Shadows in the Smoke
Tony Broadbent
A cockney cat burglar must find the man framing him for murder in Post–World War II London
Automaton by C.L. Davies
C.L. Davies
A heart-wrenching, futuristic tale of splintered identity, true love, and murder in a cyber world.
Otherworld: The Isle of Mist
Adrian Bailey
A thrilling journey through the mysterious world of magic and mayhem
I.K. Watson
Detective Inspector Rick Cole and psychologist Geoff Maynard contend with a serial slasher, a bomber, and a bunch of missing women
I.K. Watson
An affecting story of generational transitions and the brutal, exciting world of gangland warfare.
The Wanderers of the Water Realm by Alan Lawton
Alan Lawton
A young man's long and dangerous journey across the breadth of the Water Realm to discover a way back home.
Claire Rayner
The second installment in Claire Rayner’s medical murder mystery series featuring sensationally scalpel-minded heroine, Dr. George Barnabas.
First Blood
Claire Rayner
The first installment in a pathological murder mystery series featuring Claire Rayner’s sensationally scalpel-minded heroine, Dr. George Barnabas
Johnny Future
Steve Abee
A heartening, hypersexual, punch-drunk tour de force, Johnny Future is a madcap journey through the streets of Los Angeles.