Current Titles

The Sound of Songs Across the Water by Rob Yardumian
Rob Yardumian
The Sound of Songs Across the Water begins in July of 1995, in the hills above Los Angeles, with a man ringing a doorbell and chasing a dream, three thousand long miles from home.
Mockingbird by Julie Trimingham MP Publishing
Julie Trimingham
The cry of an abandoned baby on the outskirts of an old Cuban town attracts the attention — and then cracks open the life — of a wandering tourist. Mia, an out-of-work actress whose life is adrift, finds herself filled with purpose as she looks for a place the baby can call home.
Horse Latitudes by Morris Collins
Morris Collins
Ethan, haunted by guilt in the wake of his wife’s tortured descent into madness, loses himself in a lawless and sensual world when he crosses the US’s southern border.
Visiting Life by Bridget Kinsella
Bridget Kinsella
Good, middle-class, Honor Society girls don't get involved with men in prison… do they?
Tony Broadbent
As cheeky and endearing as ever, Jethro—"a gifted irregular" in the words of MI5—gets the job done with the same aplomb he demonstrated in his first caper, The Smoke... —Tom and Enid Schantz, The Denver Pos
Claudia White
Everyone is different, so in a sense we’re all similar... At least that is what Melinda and Felix Hutton thought until changes started to unravel their world.
Warp cover by Richard Falk
Prepare to have your perceptions WARPED!
Cold Quiet Country by Clayton Lindemuth
Clayton Lindemuth
A 19-year-old boy must explain his girlfriend's disappearance and her father's gruesome murder in a corrupt Wyoming town
A Brilliant Novel in the Works
Yuvi Zalkow
A neurotic writer's novel begins to come to life as he struggles to save his marriage and his fledgling career
The Nostalgist
Griffin Hansbury
A young man longing for personal connection poses as a missing woman’s grief-stricken boyfriend in post–9/11 New York