Current Titles

Holding Avery by Heidi Chandler MP Publishing 2014
Heidi Chandler
In the tradition of The Year of Magical Thinking and The Glass Castle comes Heidi Chandler’s memoir Holding Avery.
Key to Kashdune Claudia White MP Publishing 2014
Claudia White
Key to Kashdune picks up the year after Aesop's Secret ends.
Killer Weed An Ed Rosenberg Mystery by Michael Castleman MP Publishing
Michael Castleman
Out of work journalist Ed Rosenberg is hired by wealthy Silicon Valley billionaire Gene Simons to research the hippie Haight-Ashbury era for a museum exhibit. His reporter’s instinct leads Ed to discover what happened to Gene’s mother, a low-level pot dealer who was brutally murdered in Golden Gate Park in the ’60s.
Ghost at the Loom by T Zachary Cotler MP Publishing
T. Zachary Cotler
In this searing and beautiful novel, Rider Sonnenreich, a young poet, retrieves memories of wild acts of imagination that once bound his sister Leya and him together.
The Uncovering by Jes Young MP Publishing
Jes Young
When elves cross into Tabitha Bennett’s world, they make love, sex, and her unbidden chastity more baffling than ever. The Light Elves seek their lost queen, but Tab Bennett, bank teller and heir to the throne of Inbetween, doesn’t know anything about the magic that’s descending on her ordinary life.
Chinese Beverly Hills by John Shannon Jack Liffey Mysteries MP Publishing
John Shannon
Jack Liffey’s former mistress reappears to plead for the P.I.’s help finding her missing niece. The hunt leads Liffey to Monterey Park, where he dives into an undercurrent of racial tension that puts the peace of the small suburb in jeopardy. Exploding with wry wit, Chinese Beverly Hills is tense and thought-provoking, with the quirkiness that Shannon’s fans have come to expect.
Gathering Shadows Plague of Souls by Simon Barron MP Publishing 2015
Simon Barron
After centuries of war, neighboring countries Shenmadock and Ipsica have shared a decade of armistice. But behind the scenes, forces are moving that will threaten not only the fragile peace between nations, but the very existence of all within them.
Black Tiger Jennifer Kewley Draskau MP Publishing
J.K. Draskau
When former legionnaire Nat Raven is sent to Thailand, his mission is to thwart the ambitions of a ruthless, power-hungry hill-tribe warrior known as Black Tiger.
Sarah Gray and Steven Coates
Trevor is the most amazing tortoise you could ever hope to meet!
Burger Bar Dad by Ian Butler MP Publishing
Ian Butler
Paul Castle loves his son Jack and hates being a Burger Bar Dad.