Killer Weed - An Ed Rosenberg Mystery

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Out of work journalist Ed Rosenberg is hired by wealthy Silicon Valley billionaire Gene Simons to research the hippie Haight-Ashbury era for a museum exhibit. His reporter’s instinct leads Ed to discover what happened to Gene’s mother, a low-level pot dealer who was brutally murdered in Golden Gate Park in the ’60s.

Soon Ed has another crime to solve: he has to shed light on the murder of Dave Kirsch, his wife’s boss, who is shot while running for mayor. The two murders don’t seem connected, but as Ed delves deeper into the past, the two stories converge. Ed himself becomes a target when he is forced to enter the dangerous and gritty world of dope dealers. He travels to Mexico, researches the dangers and benefits of marijuana, and discovers more than he ever wanted to know about the underground economy of killer weed.