Key to Kashdune

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Key to Kashdune picks up the year after Aesop's Secret ends.

An earthquake in the exotic countryside of Turkey has uncovered an ancient cave full of relics of the shape-shifting Athenite people, and two present-day Athenites, Dr. Harmony Melpot and her uncle Joe Wiltshire (previously Aesop the rabbit), are eager to discover its secrets. When they meet with disaster in the form of another frightening earthquake, Melinda convinces her family to go to her friend Joe’s rescue. In the process she discovers four mysterious journals that reveal the secret to traveling by the Earth’s music.

Captivated by the melodies she hears, Melinda flies off as a kestrel to the fabled island of Kashdune, rumored to be a place where Athenites and humans live together in peace. Unfortunately, the Huttons’ old nemesis Professor Horace Stumpworthy has learned of the utopian island as well, and he attempts to use the ancient Athenite knowledge there to exact his revenge upon the Hutton family.

The Huttons, Harmony, and Joe set off after Melinda, parting a veil of magical mist that hides Kashdune from the outside world. Jake is separated from the rest of the group, but the others successfully make their way to the hidden island. There, they find Professor Stumpworthy enjoying the hospitality of an ancient Athenite family Melinda has also befriended. Very soon it becomes clear to the youngest members of the Hutton family that Stumpworthy has put into motion sinister plans to take over Kashdune for its Fountain of Youth. In the nick of time, the Huttons manage to thwart the wicked Professor Stumpworthy and send him into the oblivion of the mists.