Black Tiger

Publication Date: 
Monday, March 3, 2014


Other Rights: 
Audio, Electronic, Performance
When former legionnaire Nat Raven is sent to Thailand, his mission is to thwart the ambitions of a ruthless, power-hungry hill-tribe warrior known as Black Tiger.

Against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, Raven finds himself plunged into a web of international intrigue. He encounters his former comrade at arms, Angel Fleischer, mercenary and murderer. The story of good versus evil is interwoven with the lives of three very different women: Pim, princess and revolutionary, destined for a martyr’s death; Salikaa, the beautiful and ambitious adopted daughter of a brigand, who may not be all that she seems; and Chee Laan, a brilliant but complex heiress to a commercial empire. Packed with suspense, Black Tiger takes readers from 1960s England to the palaces of Bangkok, the villages of northeast Thailand, and the shores of America.