Publication Date: 
Tuesday, October 25, 2011


World, Audio, Performance
A heart-wrenching, futuristic tale of splintered identity, true love, and murder in a cyber world.

In the not too distant future, after the huge successes of role-playing games and virtual worlds such as The Sims and Second Life, and reality shows such as Big Brother, it was only a matter of time before somebody took the next step.

A remote island. An android population existing only to entertain. Their lives broadcast around the clock and around the globe. Their actions dictated by their owners. It’s the world’s biggest game played by thousands. Welcome to 'Gameworld'.

Dean 3012 is a good guy living on the Island. He loves his girlfriend, Lily, to pieces. With their first baby on the way, life is perfect. But when things take a sinister turn, the couple are plunged into a world of darkness and despair. Dean must somehow find a way to take control and fight for all their lives.

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