Current Titles

servalius window claudia white mp publishing
Claudia White
Servalius Window is a story of destiny, change, knowledge and time, combining the ancient story of Gilgamesh and Chinese Proverbs to tell the story of two worlds inextricably linked: Servalius and Earth.
Trevors Toothy Tale Sarah Gray Steven Coates MP Publishing 2015
Sarah Gray and Steven Coates
Trevor is back and ready for another mission!
Resonance C.L.Davies MP Publishing 2015
C.L. Davies
Oscar DeHaven screwed up his life.
Jeremiahs Ghost Isaac Constantine MP Publishing 2015
Isaac Constantine
A child petrified by the shadows in his bedroom. A boy shrinking from the anger of his father. A wandering adolescent who sees the Twin Towers as the legs of an interplanetary god. A new adult battered by the absence of that god.
The Lynchpin Jeffrey B Burton MP Publishing 2014
Jeffrey B. Burton
Special Agent Drew Cady has waved goodbye to Washington, D.C., and ten years of chasing violent felons in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal Investigative Division (CID).
Farewell to Prague Miriam Darvas MP Publishing 2014
Miriam Darvas
Farewell to Prague is a memoir set against the turbulent events of the Nazi era in Germany and World War II England.
Novembers Shadow by Bruce Rehburg MP Publishing 2014
Bruce Rehburg
It is the fall of 1963, and the discovery of a young girl's mutilated body in a ditch on the outskirts of Geistburg, Germany, forces disgraced homicide detective Steve Bodowski, now a member of the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Division, to reawaken old instincts in order to solve the horrific crime.
The Delving by Jes Young Inbetween and Underneath MP Publishing 2014
Jes Young
She never wanted a fairy tale life, but as the daughter of the Dark King and the Light Queen, that’s exactly what she got.
The Thorn Tree by Heather G Marshall MP Publishing 2014
Heather G. Marshall
The lives of three generations of women intertwine in the book that traverses the Atlantic.
War Creek by Susan Marsh MP Publishing 2014
Susan Marsh
In 1989, Agnes returns home after a twenty-year absence, the result of being ostracized by her family after a teenage pregnancy resulted in stillbirth.