C.L. Davies

Born in Ashford in 1978, C.L. Davies moved with her family to the Isle of Man when aged five. She obtained her degree in English Lit at the University of Hertfordshire, and returned to the Island and qualified as a teacher. She has taught in a local primary school for nine years.

Davies loves the Manx countryside, and her small but gorgeous garden. She's a little obsessed with palm trees. As a demented but doting first-time mum, much of her time is spent caring for her new baby, who is both beautiful and bonkers! She's the centre of her world and the reason for everything Davies does.

Davies lives happily with baby beautiful, the spirit of their much-missed cat, Pudge, and fiance Dean.

She is the author of the acclaimed book Automaton and upcoming novel Resonance.

Unbelievably, Dean is yet to read the book ...

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