Adrian Bailey

Adrian was born in Clatterbridge, near Liverpool, in 1967 and the first thing that happened to him, apart the customary smack on the backside, was to receive the last rites due to acute oxygen deprivation of the brain. Now while this is not the most auspicious start to life, things could only get better and it does explain an awful lot about why his mind works the way it does. Having stubbornly survived the attentions of the NHS he enjoyed a thoroughly middle class upbringing in Greater Manchester. No tales of working class woe to tell here. No stories of battling illiteracy and escaping from poverty, although he did attend a boarding school where using an umbrella was a sixth form privilege.

For a lad from rainy Manchester, that was akin to social depravation and left him psychologically scarred for life. In 1989, by some miracle, he qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist and in 1995, after a short stint in Hong Kong, he moved to the Isle of Man where he set up his own clinic. Adrian enjoys cooking and especially eating. He is a long time rugby player and a keen movie buff, but of late spends most of his free time cutting, pasting and yelling at his computer. Otherworld: The Isle of Mist is his first foray into the world of literary fiction since winning the prestigious 1977 Pownall Hall Prep School Prize for Creative Writing. He also won the history prize too,  which reassured his Mum that, despite evidence to the contrary, he wasn’t stupid, just lazy. Those who have read his book understand those two prizes were strangely prophetic and gave an early indication of some talent. As Adrian himself said when asked about writing his first novel “This writing lark is easy. I don’t know what all the fuss is about!” But then again, maybe that was the oxygen deprivation talking.

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